Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Weather In SoCal Continues To Disappoint - Running

I really wanted to log some time on my surfboard yesterday but when my friend and I got to our surf spot we discovered the waves were small and completely blown out by an on-shore wind.  The surf break that I surf right after work is right next to my job and about 25 miles north of my house.  Plan A is always to surf and Plan B is whatever other activity I can pull from my list that best compliments the weather outside and my current mood.  That is one of the main driving points of this blog btw, options.  So, based off the conditions we decided to skip surfing and I made the long drive home and decided to go for a run on the beach by my house.

Although I am not a fan of running AT ALL, I seem to keep defaulting to that on days the weather is not ideal.  I have not had much motivation to jump on the road bike, the kayak is more of a weekend thing, and the stand up paddle board just hasn’t been calling my name recently, and I have not yet been able to afford a mountain bike.  With all of these other options sounding like to much prep work for today, I went for a run on the beach with my roommate.  We ran exactly two miles with about a quarter mile cool off.  I was able to track everything with a new app I got on my Android phone called RunKeeper.

Here is a screen shot of the app

This app is very useful, it allows you to track the route you ran and even tells you your average miles per minute.  I ran a very slow 12:42 mile and completed two miles in 25:28.  It also told me my calories burned but I am not sure how accurate this can be without it knowing my weight/height.  I would definitely recommend this app to anyone wanting to get a benchmark and to set a goal for their running.  At the moment my goal is to be able to run 2 miles in 16 minutes, I am sure this goal will shift around a bit but it is something to shoot for.

Running on the beach is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it if you live close to the ocean.  If you don’t live close to the ocean then I would look for any kind of environment that would help get you out of the house.  I ran a few times around my block and found that to be completely mindless and boring.  It made the run feel like work or some sort of scheduled movement time.  The scenery will add a great deal to the experience.

Here is a photo of the beach I ran yesterday.  I took this photo with my phone right after I finished.

Wouldn't you be thinking about this later and want to return as soon as possible?


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