Sunday, May 22, 2011

Turning Nothing Into Something - Skateboarding, Basketball, Land Paddling

I was really unmotivated to do anything today but my roommate Zak convinced me to get out and do something, I am glad he did.  I had a lot of options to choose from for an activity today and we couldn’t decided so we loaded Zak’s Bronco up with everything lol.  I am not even kidding either, we stuffed two surfboards, two skateboards, a Kahuna Big Stick, basketball shoes, a basketball, two wetsuits, skate shoes, and some towels in his truck and just went out looking for whatever might look good today.

We drove down to our surf break in San Diego only to discover it was completely blown out and too small and mushy for the short boards we threw in the Bronco.  After seeing the surf conditions and deciding not to even attempt to throw on our wetsuits, we went down to Mission Bay to play some basketball and skateboard around.

We started with Skateboarding.  Zak just went old school and pushed his Tan Tien with his foot and I went with the Kahuna Big Stick and my Sector 9 Carbonite.  I prefer to use the big stick because it makes me feel more stable when I am riding, I am still a beginner.  I am glad I went with the big stick; I forgot how much of a workout it is to push yourself along on that thing.  After about 2 miles I was covered in sweat.  I haven’t had the skateboard out in at least a month.  It felt great to ride around again.

After skateboarding we did some sunset basketball.  Man it was a great day to ride and play some ball.

This is a pic I took of our basketball spot today

Below is a short video of our sweet basketball spot

Here is a short video I took today of the Loaded – Tan Tien that Zak rides… I wish I got that board instead

All in all it was a pretty good day of exercising and not one minute of it felt like I was exercising, so mission accomplished!


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