Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Surf - Surfing

The purpose of this blog will be to give beginners some useful information pertaining to a wide variety of outdoor sports.  The articles will assume no prior knowledge and will give pointers to anybody looking to get started in any of these activities.

The first article will be about how to surf.  I have just begun learning to surf with a co-worker that has been surfing long board surfboards for years.  Once I have an understanding on what it takes to stand up on a surfboard I will put together the information I learned and place it here!  My goal is to weed out the incorrect information for you so you do not make the same mistakes I do.

While I am putting together the article, I have placed a few links to helpful sites and videos that I have been gathering information from…

This is a good quick reference guide on how to surf:

This is a good introductory video on watching the beach break before running out:


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